5 Easy Ways To Promote Your Facebook Fan Page

by Tyronne

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We all know the best way to promote your Facebook Fan Page is with paid marketing (Facebook PPC). With that being said,there are still easy ways to promote your facebook fan page and create more engagement, and best of all it won’t cost you a penny. Check out a few ways you can do that in the article below.

1. Put a likebox on your blog

You want to get that “low hanging fruit” whenever you can. Putting a likebox on your blog is one of the easiest and most effective ways to promote your facebook fan page. This works extremely well if you drive a lot of traffic to your site.


2. Promote your page posts to your email list

This is a great way to get your email subscribers interacting with you on your fan page. Highlight specific discussions on your page that you think will educate and entertain your list. Pick the posts that performed well (the ones with high “virality”). Encourage them to add to the discussion as well.

3. Post different types of content

Keep in mind that your facebook fans have certain preferences as far as what type of content they like to engage with. Some like photos but some will like text updates better. Just because you hear all the time that photos get more likes,comments, and shares doesn’t mean you should always post photos. Try to diversify, if you do you’ll get your status updates in more news feeds.


4 .Host a live Q&A on your fan page

Another great way to create engagement on your page is to have a live Q&A following an event or webinar. This is extremely important if you plan on selling with your webinars, or even if you’re just putting on an event to provide value to your fans and subscribers. Your fan page is a great place to get your followers questions answered.


5. Discuss off-topics

Many times we get into the habit of thinking that we should only share with our fans topics that are related to our niche. But they are human beings as well with varying interests. Every so often mix in some politics or whatever off-topic you like to talk about.

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