4 Easy Ways To Use Facebook To Build Your Business

by Tyronne

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Before I get into my article let me give you some fascinating stats about this social media giant we call Facebook, here you go:

  • Facebook is the fastest growing site on the Internet.
  • Facebook has over 600 million users and counting
  • People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on

So lets get down to business.

I’m pretty sure you know that building a business is all about relationships, so if you want to build your business for the long term developing solid relationships will be key.Remember, you don’t want to sell your business or advertise on Facebook because they consider that SPAM. Facebook is like any other social media networking tool… they could care about your business anyways.

You want to make sure you are promoting yourself as a leader, an expert, and a person who can bring value to the table and solve people’s problems. It all comes back to attraction marketing and you should keep that in mind when marketing on Facebook

Easy Way #1

The first way is to find the right friends. You want to look for people that have the same likes and interests that you do. So a good place to start would be to look at the different groups on facebook that you are already apart of.  Then all you do is check out the profiles of the people in the same group as you. Do they have the same interests as you? Do they have that entreprenurial spirit that you have? You want to make sure you are doing your homework instead of just randomly adding friends. It is important that you send a personal message, and most of all don’t share your links. Here is a good sample message to send someone:

“Hi Jordan, I see we are both in the MLM Group .
Don’t you just love this industry! I look forward to
connecting. ~Tyronne

Easy Way #2

The second easy way is once you have added some friends is to actually get engaged in what they are doing. Check out their posts and actually read them, share them, like them, and comment on them. You have to understand that Facebook isn’t one sided, you have to actually get involved.


Easy Way #3

I think this is one of the best features on Facebook and that would be their chat function. This is what you see in the lower right corner of Facebook. This is a great tool to use to connect with your new friends that are online and chat with them. Make sure your still not trying to share your links, your still in the relationship building process.

Here are a couple questions you can ask them:

-Where are they from? How long have they been there?
-What do they do for a living?
-What do they do in their spare time for fun?

Easy Way #4

Call them! Just so you know, Facebook has this neat little thing called the Facebook phone book. If you are logged into Facebook right now you can click on this link right here and it should take you to it. Your new Facebook friends will be shocked when they here your voice over the phone. Just keep the conversation short and simple.

Well there you go. here are 4 easy ways to build your business with Facebook. Now all you have to do is go out there and take massive action an your desired results will follow. Talk to you soon…







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