3 Ways To Drive Facebook Engagement

by Tyronne

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Facebook engagement is crucial if you plan on having success on Facebook. When fans engage with your facebook page it becomes visible to their larger networks. So to really take advantage of this effect you need more interaction (likes and shares). Facebook algorithms measure how many of your fans share your posts, answer questions and interact with your page. In this post I’ll give you 3 ways to drive more facebook engagement with your posts.

Here Are 3 Ways To Drive Facebook Engagement

1. Add Visuals – People on facebook are more likely to share images and videos than just text-based posts. Images and videos are also easier to digest when scrolling down the news feed. Remember that facebook is a social environment where people like to hangout and share visually stimulating information like pictures and videos. You have a way better chance of getting your content to go viral if it’s in a video or image format.

2. Provide Value – If you’re on Facebook just to do business and generate sales you’ll never drive engagement! Always make sure your providing value to your fans. Share your expertise,offer instruction and explain topics of interest. Your fans won’t interact with your fan page if your doing things in a self-serving way,keep them in mind first. Provide value first and the sales will naturally follow!

3. Call To Action – The easiest way to get your fans to interact with your fan page is to simply ask them to! Simply ask your fans to comment,answer a question, share and interact with you. It creates more engagement. When you post an image ask your fans to post their ideas for a caption. Another good call to action to give your fans is after you do a tutorial video. Ask your viewers to comment with their own tips and best practices. Make sure you thank your fans for their interaction and be prepared to join the conversation as well.

Driving facebook engagement should be one of your top priorities. Always keep your fans in mind, provide value and facebook engagement you shall have!

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