3 Traffic Generation Tips To Get More Site Visitors

by Tyronne

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If you really want to crush it online you need to learn the art and science of traffic generation. Because without traffic you can’t build a list of people that you know, like and trust. In this post I’ll show you 3 marketing strategies that are working right now in 2013.

 Here Are 3 Traffic Generation Tips To Get More Site Visitors

1.Article MarketingArticle Marketing is probably one of the most effective marketing strategies you can use to drive traffic to your site. Some of your first successful internet marketers used this strategy to drive insane amounts of traffic and it’s still a great marketing strategy in 2013. If you don’t know article marketing is when you write articles and submit them to authoritative sites like EzineArticles.com and GoAritcles.com. These are what we call article directories and they get insane amounts of internal traffic from people looking for useful information. When your article is accepted at one of these big article directories you get what they call a resource box or what I like to call a bio box. This is the place where you can insert links pointing back to your site. You give value in your article and in return you get a few backlinks. There are a few benefits to submitting articles and they are:

1. Since you’re submitting these articles to authoritative sites you can actually get these articles to rank. If you don’t know it’s real easy right now to get YouTube videos and Slideshare slides to rank because the overall authority of the site your content is on is very high. EzineArticles.com is no exception. A lot of marketers will write articles and use them to presell their readers.

Tip – When you write your articles don’t give away the farm. Make sure you create a little curiosity in your article so when they get down to your resource box they’re still hungry for more information. This will help you maximize your clicks. Remember, the key is to get them to click on the links in your resource box and visit your site!

2. Content publishers frequent these big article directories looking for content to put on their sites. This is a great way to get your articles syndicated across the web.

2. SEO – SEO is what people commonly call Search Engine Optimization. This is a marketing strategy where you try to get pages on your site to rank on the 1st page of google. The way you do that is by optimizing your content for keywords. When people are looking for solutions to their problems they go to Google and type in keywords. Our goal is to create content around these keywords and then get it to rank on the first page of Google. But to get our content to rank we have to gain popularity and to do that we need what they call backlinks which are links from other sites that point to ours. Google considers these backlinks “votes” and the more the merrier! In most cases if your content gets more votes than your competitors you will rank higher than them.

3. Video Marketing – Video marketing is one of the best marketing strategies right now. People are killing it with video and for good reason. In our profession (network marketing) connecting with people is key and I believe the best way to do that is with video. Ranking YouTube videos is real easy right now and something I plan on taking advantage of. An easy way to drive traffic to your site is to create a video every time your publish a blog post. So say you wrote a blog post on article marketing tips . When you shoot your video just cover a few of the main points in your post but not all of them. Then at the end of your video tell them if they want to learn a few more “article marketing tips” to click the link in the description box below. This is a great way to drive traffic to your site, just imagine if you did this for 90 days straight!

Well there you go, 3 marketing strategies to drive traffic to your site.

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