3 Powerful Strategies For Recruiting On A Shoe String Budget By Daegan Smith

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daegan smith
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RE: 3 Powerful Strategies For Recruiting On
A Shoe String Budget

I get asked all the time what’s the best way
to generate leads and recruit people into my
business on a shoestring budget, so today
we’re going to review the three most powerful
ways to do just that.

1. Funded Proposal:

The best way to increase your probability of
success in your business is to turn your
little budget into a much larger one while
generating leads and a profit in the process.
If you don’t have much money to promote your
business then the first thing you should
think about is how to make your budget
larger, not how to get by solely on free


Free traffic is great, but to win in the end
you want to have the ability to generate
traffic from as many different places as
possible and well, most high yield
advertising does cost money, so it’s a
reality to understand and overcome, not try
to maneuver around.

A funded proposal gives you the opportunity
to generate leads and have those leads pay
for themselves through the sale of the
products in your marketing system.

So the most important strategy is to think
about how you can afford to pay more for
advertising instead of trying to do
everything free and using a funded proposal
system is by far the most powerful way to do

2. Article Marketing:

After returning from an extremely informative
seminar this weekend the power of article
marketing has been reinforced in my mind in a
big way. I personally have written some 350
plus articles that has lead to over 80,000
references to my name in Google. That’s

This past weekend I listened to the
strategies of an article marketing specialist
and this method alone had yielded him over
$12,000 a month all via free traffic.

If those two things aren’t proof enough that
article marketing is powerful then I don’t
know what is.

It’s free, it’s viral, and produces the
highest converting leads of all traffic
sources I’ve tracked, so I suggest you use
this strategy and use it in a big way.

An article a day keeps the J.O.B. away!

3. Blogging:

This one may surprise you, but blogging is
not only a powerful tool to use in your
prospecting efforts, but it’s a highly
targeted free traffic generator as well.

In fact I was extremely surprised to see that
one of my blogs that I use solely for
prospecting and as a meeting place for my
team after checking my server stats to this
day generates over 2000 unique visitors a
month and all I do is write stuff and add it
to the blog.

Don’t expect blogging to bring you big
traffic today or tomorrow, but six months
down the line when you have over 100 post or
so on your blog mark my words the search
engines are going to be sending you some
significant traffic just for you having put
that content out there.

That’s proof enough for me.

So that’s it.

The last thing to say is this, don’t think
about using just one of these methods use
them all together and you’ll soon not only
have high quality targeted free traffic and
leads coming your way, but you’ll find you
have an ever growing marketing budget to go
along with it.

Now all that’s left do is get to work!

For my exact strategies on how to use these
methods for quickest and easiest results and
success you can learn more over here:


To the top,

“The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead”

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