2 Effective Ways To Syndicate Your Content

by Tyronne

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One of the most effective and easy ways to get your content spread across the web and drive traffic is through content syndication. If you don’t know content syndication is when you make your content available to other sites. In this article I’ll show you 2 ways you can get your content syndicated on other sites which means more traffic for you.

1.Repost.Us – The last month or so I’ve been using a neat little wordpress plugin called Repost.Us. What it does it let publishers know that you have content available for them to use on their sites. If you look at the upper right hand corner of any of my blog posts you’ll see a tab that says “repost”,click on that and it will take you to Repost.com where you can pick up the embed code for that particular blog post. If you’re a newbie blogger and need content Repost.Us is a great way to pick up content for your blog. The plugin only takes a few minutes to set up plus it’s won’t cost you a penny! It’s what I like to call “set it and forget it” marketing. If you click on the picture below you’ll see how much of my blog content has been syndicated to other sites which means more traffic for me.

traffic tips

 2.Article Marketing – Article marketing is a form of content syndication and is as old as internet marketing itself. There are so many different ways to do article marketing and so many different philosophies on how to do it the right way. For the sake of this post I’ll give you one way you can do it. If you know a little bit about article marketing you know that internet marketers use tools like Article Marketing Robot to submit their articles to thousands of article directories online. They also use tools like The Best Spinner to get their original article and convert it into what we call “spintax”. They then get that spintax and load it into AMR creating thousands of different variations of that seed article to blast out to these article directories. This way to do article marketing used to be a great strategy but the only drawback is that the content looks like crap and doesn’t read well. You can still spin your content but you have to make sure that the spun content actually reads well and has good syntax. Creating crappy content and submitting it to thousands of article directories isn’t the best way to do article marketing,check out the right way in the paragraph below!

A kick ass service I’ve been using for my article marketing is a tool called ezArticleLink. One thing I like about the service is that they don’t accept crappy content and your articles are reviewed by actual people before they’re submitted into the system. I’ve been able to rank #1 for highly competitive keywords with this tool alone! Click here for more information.

Well there you go, 2 effective ways to get your content syndicated across the web. Check back with me later because I do plan on adding to the list.
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